Protection - Repelling of Black Magic

Protection - Repelling of Black Magic

Fortune teller reader Safeta successfully removes harmful spells and black magic, regardless of whether they have a basis in Egyptian, Turkish or any other well-known and lesser-known magic.

Repelling of Black Magic

Black magic is the opposite of white magic and means negative energy, namely bad influences. Black magic can be transferred from a previous life or someone may have purposely used it against you.

Fortune-teller Safeta repels negative energy with the Muslim method. Unfortunately, you cannot rid yourself of black magic on your own, as expert knowledge is needed in the field of high magic. If you suspect that you are under the influence of black magic and the situation is spiralling out of control, then you need to repel the black magic.

The spell is performed using three white and five orange candles, which bring peace and light to life. Five hours are needed for the body and mind to be cleansed. After the spell, you will no longer feel the influence of black magic and you will experience much greater happiness in life. The results will be extraordinary.